Derek of Las Cruces, NM

Original review: April 6, 2018


We got the reverse osmosis and the water treatment system from Kinetico. I just moved out here to New Mexico and I had a house built. I wanted to know what's best for the house because I have hypertension so I needed something that gets the salt out of the water, that's for the reverse osmosis. And with the caking up of the water, I don't want that to happen as well in showers and the water treatment system was recommended to me by the builder. He said Kinetico is one of the best.

I called their rep and the service was great. He immediately set up a date. We met him at the house and I went to their site as well. We talked and I felt very comfortable with him. The installation team was excellent. They put the system exactly where I wanted them to put it. Since then , the shower has been great. We stay so soft and my wife likes it. The service is great. However, I had an issue one time of calling in and the guy came right out and we got the wrong water thing. I broke the sink so we had to get the sink replaced. Their rep came right out and said, "Here, it's working right as it should be working." I figured it out so now everything's fine. I would definitely recommend them.

Jimmy of El Paso, TX

Original review: April 14, 2018


Everything's great with Kinetico and I love it. I heard about it from a salesman named Alfredo from EI Paso from a Home & Garden Show in EI Paso. I've always liked the idea of water softening and then he just explained in depth pretty much the benefits of it. I liked everything about what it's able to do. It seemed like we had a lot of chlorine in the water higher than what the gentleman had seen. He just explained that we're probably closer to one of those water towers.

The installation came in and got it done really fast and efficient. And I could tell like when we take showers it's a lot better. We also got the Osmosis drinking water. I like telling the joke that I got the cleanest water in EI Paso all the time. I've already recommended Kinetico to many people. I tell them what a great product they have. And some people came back and they were like, "Well, it's hard to wash your hands or get the soap off." And I'm like, "Well, you gotta really try it because it's really not difficult."

George of Las Cruces, NM

Original review: April 17, 2018


We were looking into water filtration systems because of the amount of minerals in the water here. At a home show, we heard about Kinetico and it seemed to be more advanced so went with them. Their rep was very informative. He tested the water and it showed the level of minerals in the water. I bought the Kinetico water systems for the whole house and for drinking, and the installation was very easy and quick. The installer was friendly and he seemed very knowledgeable. The systems are working well and we feel the difference. The water doesn't seem as harsh, our clothes come cleaner, and the dishwasher seems to be working better too.

Jodi of Las Cruces, NM

Original review: April 20, 2018


We got Kinetico's water softener and its installation went smoothly and easily. We've had it for almost a year now and I feel cleaner. I notice it now when I go someplace else and they don't have it. Also, my husband has really bad psoriasis and now it's pretty much gone.

Bruce of Las Cruces, NM

Original review: April 23, 2018


We live in New Mexico and people really don't understand how bad the water is here. When I moved here in '85, the local people would joke and say, "Drink the water, it makes your teeth hard. " The water is rough and people don't like to drink the water as it is tough to drink. Now, Kinetico Water Systems is the most prominent in Las Cruces and I've known of them for 30 some years. I know their sales rep Alfredo through networking and we've talked. His demonstration was a 10 and he convinced me. He is fantastic and he needs to be filmed with that demonstration. He went over it so well and I talked about chlorine, the water hardness, and the cleanliness of the water. He showed examples and why all of our fixtures were crusting over with whatever hardness that it was. There's so much difference and he did a very thorough job.

I got a deluxe water softener filtration system and it's the soft water and the clean water and all for the home. Tony came for the installation and they had to dig out an area in front of my house which is covered with rock. Then when it was done, it looked better than when they started. I was a Boy Scout and I was taught to leave the area better than when I found it, and there's nothing that the installation team did that I would have done differently. They did a great job.

However, I've got an issue and they came out today. I'm losing water pressure to my backyard sprinklers and we found what the problem is, which is not the system. Tony came out, looked at it, and did a fantastic job. He had a gauge and he tested my house and the neighbor's house. In the front, there's 58 pounds of pressure which is normal for both houses. But when my sprinkler is on , it's only five pounds so I wasn 't getting enough pressure. Also, there's a small leak in the house, which I agreed upon. I asked him questions and he convinced me. They gave me a solution that made sense to where I can direct the water directly to the sprinklers and bypass. So, their solution is cost effective and that's what I'm going to do. And I'm 110% happy with their system.

Now, for the last three days, all I've done is drink water and I haven't had anything else but straight water. It is smooth, it tastes good, and one can taste the difference. My skin is not dry anymore and my hair looks beautiful . Kinetico is a good company and their system is worth it. They've also made it affordable and I've made my first payment already. All in all, I really think every house needs to have their system.

Christopher of El Paso, TX

Original review: April 27, 2018


We live in EI Paso and it's a hard water area. There's a bit of chlorine odor in the local water as well. We were also concerned with drinking water as well as for the appliances in the house and showering. I did some research for softening systems online and started looking at Pelican and others, then came across the Kinetico one. I liked what I read about it and the fact that it doesn't require plug-in power to operate. It had a lot of good history behind reviews other people put on it. It sounded like a pretty bulletproof system and it sounded good. I called Kinetico Water Systems and they came over. I enjoyed the sales pitch. They spoke really good and it was a good product to me, so it worked out. I purchased a four-tank system with two doubles. It's a softener and a chlorine filtration as well that can also be on the softener.

The installation was great. One guy came over and spoke to us about any changes in the initial plan. We thought he had to run a couple of extra tubes around for the output of the tank when it does its cleaning cycle. He talked to us about what he wanted to do and it all worked out for him. It was good communication. I love the water now with Kinetico System installed. It's been great and almost completely maintenance-free. We put in a bit of potassium and that's it. We take a look at it about once a week to put some potassium back in if it's needed.

I appreciate the original salesman. He checked back with us after everything was installed. A month later he came back and redid some tests on the water. It showed us that we have the water that we have now. I appreciate them coming back and checking up on us and making sure it was all working well. I would tell my friends about Kinetico if they're looking for a pretty bulletproof system that doesn't go down, power goes up, doesn't require any power to operate, and if they have water issues. I can't see what else they'd be looking for in a system beyond what Kinetico's offering. There are other ones out there and there's nothing wrong with taking a look at what other products are out there, but everything is working really well with Kinetico. And from what I understand, it is gonna last a long time without clearly any maintenance.

Candace of Las Cruces, NM

Original review: April 28, 2018


Kinetico 's rep was very thorough. I learned a lot and was convinced that I wanted their product right away. I took a day off on the day of installation and waited about half an hour after I was told their installation crew would probably come. They had somehow gotten the day wrong. It was 9:00 in the morning when I called and they arrived by 11:30. The owner came out because he needed to pull the trailer as they were digging a French drain for me, so I got to meet him. He also brought me a year's worth of salt at no charge and it worked out really well. They made a mistake but dealt with it and I had a great day. We have had their system for a month and a half now and it's great. My hair is softer and I can feel the dishes are cleaner.

Clifford of El Paso, TX

Original review: April 29, 2018


I had hard water before and it wasn't clean. It doesn't rinse out as well and creates hard water stains on both the bathtub, walls and inside sinks. During my investigations on a lot of companies, I found that Kinetico was a better brand more into helping the consumer and not just wanting to sell the product. Setting up the appointments and installing the water softener system were great experiences. When I'm taking a bath for that matter, the water doesn't seem like a soap when you rinse out but it actually feels like it's gone and not still staying on my skin. Same thing with my shampoo. And there's no more hard water stain on my glass. You need to invest in this. It's the best system I've ever had. It keeps not only myself clean , but all my household products. It keeps my dishwasher and washing machine all in operating condition. It doesn't build up hard water inside of them.

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